Hear from Franchisees

Over the past 40 years, Kip McGrath has helped hundreds of thousands of children improve their English and maths skills using proven methods, qualified tutors and personalised learning programmes. Hear from some of our dedicated educators.


I worked as a tutor in a Kip McGrath centre for 4 years, then an opportunity arose for me to have a centre of my own. It was a new centre so had no students to inherit. Finding premises was important, but I had support from my National Franchiser.

Over the last two years my centre has grown gradually from having no students to now having over 100. With hard work and clear targets my centre will have 175 students by the end of the year.

Having loved being a class teacher in a wonderful school, it was a huge decision for me and my family to make, when I took on my centre. The one factor that helped me decide my future, more than any other, was that with Kip, the harder I work the more success I have, and the greater the benefit to my family.

There is a huge demand for quality teaching. Following the Kip McGrath programme ensures this quality is maintained. This means pupils are well taught and make progress and parents are pleased that they are getting value for their money.

Gerald, Kip McGrath Dunfermline

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Running a Kip McGrath centre is a great way forward for anyone who would like to stay involved in education, but close the door on traditional teaching. It may seem like a daunting prospect, but support and encouragement from your Master Franchisee or Franchisor is only a phone call away.

Pip, Kip McGrath Livingston and Edinburgh South


You can tell the teaching materials have been written by teachers for teachers as planning is minimal and the resources are simple yet effective. It’s a real privilege to see children really progress and grow in confidence and I have the time to address their individual needs and to really get to know my students.

Julie, Kip McGrath Belper


I have been operating my Kip McGrath Education Centre for over two years. It has been the best decision I have made in a long time. Not only do I thoroughly enjoy going to work every day, but my turnover has grown steadily each year. Parents in my area know what the Kip McGrath brand stands for and almost all of my new business comes from customer referrals.